A short update on the Urban Gro Lab


03 mrt A short update on the Urban Gro Lab

SnijtafelenpostitsnietnetjesFirst off: the articles on the website will be more regularly in English. Mostly because we’d like to focus more on international students, and because the results of experiments aren’t supposed to be interesting just for Groningen, or even just for the Netherlands. Dutch articles will be at least summarized in English. And here is the first article in English:

We’ve been too busy to write good articles, but starting this week the website will be updated more regularly. Not only with results of experiments, but also with ongoing processes. In the meantime: if you have a question, projectproposal or idea: Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

About two weeks ago we visited the Hanze Honours Community Day. A cool event aimed at making connections between honours students from all different sorts of studies and countries. At the invite of WIJS we gave input to a brainstorming session about how to follow up on a successful experiment. In this case: the Cycling Without Age project. How is it going to ‘land’ in the city, and be embedded/expanded. And there were some really cool ideas that the students came up with. More on that will be updated soon. Keep your eyes on the website!

What also struck a good chord was the overall feeling of the day. There were a lot of really good presentations of projects run by students. What was impressive about this is the amount of personality the students put in their projects. They really put themselves and their ideas into the projects, putting themselves in a position that’s vulnerable for critique. However, because it was so involved exactly the opposite happened, great discussions, great ideas and constructive interactions happened all over the place. So that’s a lesson learned: put enthusiasm into the center of your projects and good things will happen. That’s also what will happen more with this website, we’ve been too busy to write good articles. In the meantime: if you have a question, project proposal or idea: Don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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