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02 jun Urban Health Safari

We decided that we would like to  connect our expertise with a new way of sharing. While doing research on this topic, we got in touch with a company in Groningen that works with Beacon technology. The Beacons we used are small wireless and battery-powered devices with a radio transmitter. They broadcast bluetooth low energy signals over short distances which can be detected by compatible devices like smartphones and tablets. The signal broadcasting from the Beacon can exchange information and data with the smart device when an associated application is installed on the smart device. It started out as just a small presentation within the municipal organization, but the idea was well received. The project team that makes sure the theme of the congress Building the Future of Health ‘lands’ in the city was very enthusiastic.

We decided excite people by sharing the knowledge that is available in our network. In other words: In this project we have done what we like to do best: creatively cooperating with great people and organizations in order to create something new, experimental and innovative. Together with the guys from Tapme Media BV we used exciting new beacon technology to, on the one hand, show people the impressive and interesting stories Groningen has offer and, on the other hand, stimulate people to move around the city in a playful and interactive way. In order to stimulate the people to go on a real urban safari and to let them be surprised by our delivered content, we decided give an idea about the locations, but not the specific location of the beacons. The app, called Groningen Open Air, is developed for the outdoor activities of the congress. Because the enthusiasm  we received from our network was so great, we were able to select 40 different locations within Groningen. Therefore, we created 40 short-stories that tell the health-related stories of the city. The stories are connected to the locations, meaning that the location-specific stories will pop-up on your smartphone when you walk within the signal range of a beacon.

Although the application was made especially for the congress, we decided to leave the beacons hanging for another 3 months! We invite you all to download the ‘Groningen Open Air’ application and to go for a nice walk through the city.

Download the app and please go on an urban safari.

In short: we started a project without a real strictly defined goal. Because we started this, we now have a great app and we have increased our network more importantly, we raised awareness about health in the city as well as knowledge about this technology within the municipal organOpenairization and the university.

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